Introduction: Install Sound Deadening Material in Your Car! (fake Dyna Mat) to Make Your Car Sterio Sound Awesome!

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ever see something that's all packaged nicely and sold for an exorbitant sum and think to yourself. "I could make that!" or "that's just _______ in a shiny package!" that's what I did one day when looking for sound deadening material for my car. Dyna mat is a really great product that really cuts down on road noise, body noise/reverb  from your awesome system and other annoying sounds in a car. The thing is that it's expensive! I realized that dyna mat is actually sold at Home Depot for a completely different purpose! it's used as a flashing material on house roofs!
the HomeDesperate sells the stuff for 20 bux a roll vs dyna mat's $100!

Step 1: First Step Peel It Off the Roll.

I'm a little slow sometimes so it took me a minute to figure out how to get it off the roll. Now is also the time to make sure your surface is clean!

Step 2: Cut the Piece to Size

I tried knives and my built-in bionic eye laser to cut the stuff but I found that a old pair of scissors worked the best to cut the junk. it's got tar on the back side of this stuff so the scissors may get a bit gummy by the end of this.

Step 3: Peel the Backing Off and Start Smoting It Down

I used this special roller thingie to press the stuff down into all the nooks and crannies. it worked good. I don't know where the roller thingie came from. maybe from a magic toolchest or something. in fact it may be the only one like it on earth... but it worked great.

Step 4: Do That All Over the Place.

it doesnt' have to look perfect cuz usually it's covered over by something. like.......

Step 5: ...CARPET!!!!

Now just to do the rest of the floor area, inside the doors and stuff....

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