Introduction: Lego Gaming Grip

gaming on phones is getting more populair and populair

there all sorts of gadgets to make gaming easyer

ready to go gaming-grips with build-ing controlls

but also the mini-controllers.

this is a (semi)- build-tuturial on how to make a cool looking gaming-grip for a mini-bluetooth controller for phones

including a clip for the phone

Step 1: Encasing for the Phone

this is the border of the phone-grip.

its measured for phones up to 5.5" (JIAYU S3)

Step 2: The Bottem Layer for the Encasing

here is the bottem for the phone to rest on.

the yellow flat bricks are just for decoration and to prevent some scratches.

Step 3: Portrait Locker

most game grips are only in land-scape modus

so this is a extra entachment to connect the phone also in its portrait modus.

Step 4: Phone Side Lockers

these easy to make side borders are used to lock the phone more tight inside the grip.

the blue connectors can be turned to alter its position inside the grip.

Step 5: Non-controller Grip Attachment

here is the atachment for better playing support for when you dont use the controller.

Step 6: The Controller Area

here is the controller area.

i made this a month ago,

you can use the same design template but you have to make it at size depending on the bluethoot controller you're gonna use.

it uses many different you have to look into it on the size of your phone and the size of your controller are matching

i will later build also a entachtment for a PS3 controller.

witch using the same size in connection to the phone grip

Step 7: The Finalzed Product

this is the total grip. (portrait attachtment not connected)

if you are having any trouble feel free to contact me. i will try to help.