Introduction: Making a Air Craft Carrier

About: i am in class 11 and i like making rc cars and other rc stuffs i also like making unique models .

First of all decide what you want to make . I decided to make INS vikrant.
Take a image of the deck and draw a scale design of it on chart paper.
Sorry i was not able to take image of it yet it is a bit easy.

Step 1: Getting Started

All of us want to make a model warship that will be point of attraction for all .so when i decided to make one for myself i was not able to get any kind of resource for that.then i decided to give it myself. Hope it helps

Step 2: Making Deck

Take a image of deck and make a scale drawing on chart paper

Step 3: Base 1

Paste the chart on cardboard ant cut it out. Paste another cardboard strip at the central line of the deck and give it the shape of the base of ship

Step 4: Making the Base

For making the base u just need to add two little trangle of height equal to cental line cardboard breadth equal to the deck and hypotenuse a bit slopy just like original ships
The more closer u add them more powerful is the ship
Also add 2 at same distance on opposite side.
You can also add then from front to back .

Step 5:

Cut out cardboard of dimensions equal to distance between two v shapes.paste it and use newspaper to cover the entire ship . If you want to add light u can. I use wireless powering system and it is easy to make . Use masking tape for even finish.

Step 6: Colour; Planes

I use acrylic colours as they are goot for shiny finish.
Colour the ship as it is in your image.
Use the image and print small size of it .
Paste layer by layer and colour them
Place them on the ship

Step 7: Making Planes

Print the above image in small size a procide as written on it. Place them on deckdeck and enjoy

Step 8:

Step 9: Final Ship

Now here are some more images of the final air craft carrier.
If you have any problem then ask me I will replay as soon as possible.

Step 10: Some More Images

well i recently got it back from my teacher. here as some more images.