Introduction: Making a Clinometer

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I was given a maths project on clinometer and was told to make it totally different from the traditional straw and thread ones so I decided to change both of them
Hope you enjoy it and also make it for yourself
Well it is used in application of trigonometry for finding height of the tall buildings
I decided to change the straw by a laser and thread by a metallic wire
As you all can see the wire faces 0

Step 1: Material Required

Wooden prices
Full circular D
Two gears of any size better if you use one large and other smaller
Metallic wire
Push button
Acrylic colours

Step 2: Frame

Make a squre out of wood and attach a handle to it.
At the center drill a hole not entirely but deep enough to get the nut head inside.
Fix it there using feviquick and m seal.
Place the larger gear and make sure that it rotates freely
At the conference of the gear place the smaller gear and take the central point
Drill a hole and place a hard mettalic wire out of it. I used screw driver for making hole as such small holes can't me made out of the drill I was having.

Step 3: Laser

Take the laser and mark point just opposite to the push button on it.
Make a small rectangle out of it and cut it out so that you can see the legs of the push button.take left one of downside and right one of upper part or opposite to it and solder two wires.
Check by touching them if the laser glows or not .
Then join then to a on/off plug.
Tape the entire laser and cut the pushbutton on it with knife so it get perfectly cylindrical.
Place the laser on D and make sure that it points 9by switchover it on and running a paer around the D. Mark the area and fix the laser using feviquick.
Paste the switch anywhere on D but not on making.

Step 4: Placing D

Cut out a cylindrical tubing of size equal to that of larger gear. I used a tape role
take the height greater than that of small gear or double of it just to make sure that it is not interrupted by D.
Place the D on it and paste it permanently.

Step 5: Making Handel

Take a cap of any bottle and make a hole in the center large enough to make the wire out.
Paste it on back of the wooden squre with wire out of it.
Fold the wire in shape of L to make Handel. you can also place some empty refills of pen in outer to make it thick. Place one bigger one in place of Handel and let it run free . fold the end so that it do not comes out.

Step 6: Wire

Take a wire and flat on end. make it in shape of L and place it perpendicular to center of the D. It is the most important part as it may result in different reading if not done correctly.
Permanently fix it there. Make sure that it point zero before you take any reading.

Step 7: Colours and Its Complete

Colour the clinometer with any color you like .
I used white, blue, brown, black, yellow.
Acrylic colours will give a shinig result
Make sure that the laser is working and it is easily rotating..
So now it is ready to use.
Have fun

Step 8: How to Use

Hold it perpendicular to you and rotate it to point the laser at the topmost point.
Note down the angle pointed by the pointer and measure the distance between you and ground. Also find the distance between you and the building.
Use the trigonometry formula to calculate the height.