Introduction: Monster Tail All Around Locked Lifesaver

About: I'm a boy scout and I have a older brother who helped me make my first instructable and account and i like making rainbow loom bracelets. I will be posting rainbow loom tutorials I made up.

today I'm going to show you how to make a rainbow loom bracelet on the monster tail. It's a all around version of the locked lifesaver. My brother Anders discovered this by playing with my monster tail.

Step 1:

I don't know how many bands I used but I will use

Clear jelly


Blue jelly

You also need 3 c clips or mega c clips or s clips

Step one take you blue or red band and have it across 2 pairs of pegs have the clear band across all 6 pegs.

The rest of the band's be figure 8 but not the clear band.

Step 2:

I decided to turn the lights off for better pictures but here's step 2 do the same thing no figure 8s we are just doing that for the beginning.

Step 3:

step 3 loop the bottom layer

Step 4:

step 4 repeat step 2-3 till you think the bracelet fits you. Bring the two ends of the clear band between the two pegs next to the middle no pic available :(.

Step 5:

step 5 do slip knots on all 3 pegs and attach your clip you want to use.