Introduction: Newborn Blanket

her is a blanket for your baby my size is 0-3 old baby (80*80 cm) you can add more units to make it larger till it be yours blanket

bring 50 gm white cotton yarn, 30 gm pink cotton yarn, and your needle.

-with white make 5ch and close them to form a circle
-then make 3ch as a dc then 1 dc then 1 ch, so you get 8 couples of dc separated by a ch

-do not cut the white and continue with pink and on the ch make 3ch as a dc and complete till 7 dcs, put the needle in the first and last dcs and close them together to make a popcorn unit then make 3ch and make the next popcorn in the following chain, and so on till you close the round, finish it and cut the pink.

Step 1: Finish the Units

- with white go up with 3ch in the ch as a dc and complete to be 6dcs
- you will go as follow in the chs you will make 6 dcs but above the popcorn(flower papers) one you will make a dc and one 3chs and so on so you get the form of a square

- go to the next round starting by 3ch as a dc and complete by making dc in each dc and above the ch make 3dc-3ch-3dc

- in the next round make sc in each dc and 6sc in the chs 

now you  finish your unit, make as units as you want till you get the desirable size, for me the unit was 7cm so i needed 121 units to make it 80*80 after the border( of course if you used tc instead of dc you will need less units)

Step 2: Joints and Border

congratulations you finally done with the units, let us join them:

take the pink and make sc then 2ch then skip 2ch in the unit and make a sc in the 3rd ch

go vertical and horizontal till you finish

TIP: (if it will confuse you just ignore it): to not get bored while making too many units join the unit you finish with the old units so your rows become smaller so you feel like you only need less and less units to finish a raw instead of 11

no make the border with the pink also:
1st raw: make 2dc in a sc of the unit and skip sc then make 2dc in the next sc and so on
2nd raw: work between the dch couples as follows: make dc then 2ch then dc
3rd raw: in the 2ch make 3dc and where are 2dcs make a sc

now you are done :)
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