Introduction: Recycled Paper

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I had tons* of scraps of paper from cutting out instrucamoney so I decided to reuse them

*instead of printing out 40 bills I printed out 40 sheets (3 bills per sheet) luckily I found out half way through

Step 1: Collect Scraps and Soak

collect your scraps and cut them up then put them into a cup full of water and stir until it looks like goop

Step 2: Put the Goop on a Cookie Sheet and Dry

scoop the paper goop onto the cookie sheet (you want a nice even layer) and compress it by putting another cookie sheet on it. next you will need to get the water out (I did that by putting a paper towel down and rolling a cup over it) then put it outside to dry

once dry take the paper off the pan

NOTE: I put it outside to dry then put it in the oven for a few seconds. if you do put it in the oven wacth it at ALL times and make sure it doesn't catch on fire

Step 3: Trim Off the Edges and Write!

trim off the vertical edges

then choose something to write! I wrote: "paper should be recycled and made back into paper by YOU"

Step 4: Write on It

Step 5: Make a Frame

put the paper on the piece of cardboard and draw the outline

measure 1 inch in from the outline all the way around and then cut out the middle

measure 1 1/2 inchs out from the outline and cut

then for the backing I just outlined the square that we cut out

Step 6: Glue the Frame Together

using hot glue glue the paper to the front square (make sure you can see the writing) then hot glue the backing on

after that hot glue a wire onto the back so you can hang it

Step 7: Hang!

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