Recycled Plastic Bag Ring

Introduction: Recycled Plastic Bag Ring

This instructable will show you how to build a recycled ring made from plastic bags. This project uses a method called plastic fusion. Which works by using an iron to melt thin plastic bags together. I made this project as a homework task. 

Step 1: Materials

You will need
an iron
a plastic bag
greaseproof paper
and a template of the ring size ( you should make it a centimeter or 2 bigger) 

Step 2: Cutting the Bag

Firstly take the bag cut of the handles and the bottom ( so that you can put your hand through it).
Then cut one of the side. 
Next take your template and scissors and cut strips out of the bags that are the same size as the template.

Step 3:

Firstly take a strip of the plastic bag and fold it in have, then place it in the greaseproof paper and fold the greaseproof paper over the iron. Repeat until it is the same size as the template.
Now take another strip, wrap it around it and iron. Repeat this with the rest of the plastic strips.

Step 4: Color

It should look more or less like this. On this step you can add color such as stripes or your name/ a word. 

Step 5: Making the Finger Hole

In this step you will make the hole for your finger. I did this by marking the hole, drawing out the size using the template then cutting it out. You could probably use a drill instead. Then cut down the edges to your desired size and sand down the edges of the hole. 

Step 6: Finished

Finished, now you could add a piece of origami to it.  This technique would also work well with a bracelet or a thicker ring made with 2 or 3 bags. 

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