Introduction: Simple Batman Gauntlets

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hello folks were going to make some ultra cool batman gauntlets ''isn't batman the best hero ever of course he is'' im planning to make these as realistic and cool as possible but they simple so any one is able to make these cool batman gauntlets at home with little cost

Step 1: Materials

your going to need some basic materials like;

1. pva glue

2.card board tube

3.paints and paint brushes

4.thick card board

5.ductape glue gun (optional)

7.glue stick


Step 2: Main Part

now were going to build the main part of the gauntlet

1. now were going to get your tube and cut just a bit shorter than your forearm. my forearm is 29cm long so i cut the tube at 24cm long you want to trim the sides of the tube so it fits forearm better so when you put the straps on it will stick to your arm and wont be lose you what to trim the ends so it fits your wrist bones (carpals) nicely so you don't get any bruises when you fight those bad guys you want to cut 4 slits in the tube about 1 inch long 7 mm wide this will be for the straps you want 3 slits which the blades go in first draw a line going straight down the middle then draw 3 rectangles 1 1/2 inches long 7mm wide and cut out remeber be safe

Step 3: Covering

now were going to give this a menacing look by making it black

also you will what to use a duct tape which is not so shiny more matt colour to make it look amazing

1. get some duct tape and cover the gauntlet

2.and then cut out the gaps you have filled up

if you wanted to you could just paint the whole thing black

Step 4: The Straps

now were going to make some super strong duct tape straps

1. get a A4 sheet of card or paper and draw with a ruler 2cm width lines across the card and repeat it 4 times

2. and cut out

3. then cover in black duct tape

4. then put the straps though the slits you have made and fold like 2 inches and duct tape it to make a secure bond

5. now try it on and cut the straps to size

6.then try it on yet another time cut 2 and 2 strips of Velcro about 1 inch long and glue to the straps so it fits nicely i did use hot

Step 5: Blades

Now were going to make the iconic blades you can use mdf but i'm using cardboard and paper mache to make it more easy and more accessible for all age groups.

1. Print out the template and glue on card.

2.cut out with your knife

3.insert the cool blades into the slits you have made in size order( small medium large) glue or glue the deadly blades in place and let dry

Step 6: Paper Mache

now were going to paper mache the blades so they are strong in enough to play or battle with

1.get some news paper and cut into little strips

2.make the paste you'll need 50/50 ratio of glue to water

3.paint the scary blades with you p.v.a paste

4.put the news paper on your 3 blades then paint the paste on it again you should d about 2-4 layers of paper mache

5.let dry so its ready paint

Step 7: Painting

to make this prop look outstanding also make it look as cool as all of batman's armoury of gear all you have to do is paint it black your paper mache is dry you want get some black paint i've added a bit of silver to the paint to give it a cooler look and depth and paint it

2. let the paint dry and your done you have made yourself a super cool prop

Step 8: The Finish Product

now you have finished your amazing batman gauntlet

now you can destroy every villain that steps in your way or just have fun with your friends

soon there will be a video tutorial on how you can make this beast of a prop

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