Introduction: Spinach Button Cookies

Iam a friend of green.Usually I tried many green smoothies.I got an idea how it will be if I dye my dough with green spinach and make button cookies with it.. these cookies are healthy and crispy. these cookies are made by adding additional spices apart from sugar and are very easy to make.These button cookies make a perfect edible gift too.U can make these button cookies with your friend favourite colors ,put them in abox and tie with ribbons to make your gift surprising.

Ingredients required:

250g All purpose flour

3/4th cup butter

baking powder 1 tbsp

1 egg

2tbsp sugar

salt as per taste

pepper as per taste

spinach 3 small frozen blocks


- Boil the spinach and blend in a blender to a smooth paste

-Take a bowl and add butter, sugar, egg,pepper,salt and beat it until u get a creamy consistency.

-Sieve All purpose flour ,baking powder and keep aside.

- Add spinach paste and then slowly add the flour to the egg,sugar mixture. .knead in to dough.

Step 2: Forming Button Shape Cookies:

-Roll the dough using rolling pin

- I used my bottle cap as a cookie cutter and made round shape.

-After cutting them in to circles we need a smaller cutter to make an impression I used a little smaller cap and made an impression.

- I used straw and created holes of the button.

-After preparing buttons transfer them to a baking sheet.

-Bake at 200 degrees for about 15 mins.

-Button cookies are ready to eat.

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