Introduction: Strange Contents in a Jar

it might make you want to say "eew," "gross!" or "yuck," but thinking up of funny ingrediants to put in a jar, canister, or small bag is quite amusing. it allows you to be creative and have  good laugh at the things others might come up with!
~ jar, canister or small bag
~ creative juices [!]
~ paper
~ marker
~ gluestick
~ hole puncher
~ string
~ scissors
~ OPTIONAL- red fabric, wooden beads, green texta, black texta, dark green pom-poms.
in the following instuctions, there are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Step 1: Marinated Lizard Tounges

for this you will need:
red fabric and a black texta
cut thin arch shapes out of the red fabric like lizards tounges. draw the line of the tounge with the black texta. put them in your jar* and you can either lable it by writing the name and glueing it on. or you could write it down and make a hole with the hole puncher and attach it with string.

Step 2: Matured Frogs Eyes

for this you will need:
wooden beads and a green texta.
on each wooden bead (they must be oval shaped) draw a green pupil with the green texta. put them in your canister* and lable it.

Step 3: Sundried Mould

for this you will need:
dark green pom-poms.
take a handful of pom-poms and put them in your small bag.* seal the bag and lable it.
these were just a few ideas to get you started. if you find any other super freaky concoctions, let me know!