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well I am again with new tie and die.
I made it as my working education homework.
hope you like and vote me.

Step 1: Material Required

I used a die colour which was of ₹5 per pack but any die will work.
a handkerchief or piece of cloth

Step 2: Type One

make two circle on two corner and two arcs meeting each other in center .
fold the cloth along the arc and tie hard.
make a loop and tie the two small circle. now squish the cloth and bind with rubber band .
use sprinkler and spray water over it to make it wet.
start colouring two different colors to colour two circle.
chose alternate colours and spray or pore on the cloth. make sure that both halves should have different colors.
do not squish just left it for some time.
[ for further details please see last step as it was common in all so I wrote it in the end. ]

Step 3: Flowers Design

to get design of flower place some stones and tie them. now dip them one by one in colours and in the end colour the left part of the handkerchief.
[refer last step]

Step 4: Rainbow Type

place a stick in middle and twist it so that the cloth may get round to it. place rubber bands and again wet it.
start pouring the color at one part and till center then other to it and so on.
[last step plz]

Step 5: Leaf Type

fold the cloth in ziz zaz manner and then tie it. start colouring from one end and colour small part then the other and so on.
[I request you to go to last step]

Step 6: Last Step

finally we are. points to remember
1.the handkerchief must be wet during dying it. not squidge the handkerchief after dying. just left it for sometime and and afterward place for drying.
hope you enjoy making and do share it.
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