Introduction: Glittering Nail Polish (washable/ Peelable for Muslims)

we all know how tough it is to remove glittering nail enamel after application.

As being a Muslim I had much difficulty wearing it. So it's more of like saying good bye to manicures and pedicures.

Why? because if you wear it the water from your wudu does not penetrate the nails and therefore your wudu is incomplete.

Until this amazing idea pop in my mind.

Why not to make almost any nail enamel water desolvable or peelable? seemed like a good idea but still a glitter nail enamel would get dry with passage of time. so then what to do?

How ever the brand INGLOT nail enamel brand is producing nail enamels with can let water vapours penetrate but again it is an expensive thing to buy.

so let me show you what i do when i have a craving for nail polish and still i feel that i can wear almost any colour anytime with out worrying about the loss of moisture from the finger nails due to removers.

The technique i used was to apply a thin layer of german glue over our nail bed. Then apply nail polish and coat with top coat!!!.

BUT, YES there is a big but! what if you want a glitter nail enamel? ok, one can use glittering nail polish but it would cause wrinkles and would talke many coats. So then what?

i say,

1 glitter eye shadows ( expired ones)

2. craft glues?

3. craft glitters?

4. that star and other change gem stones?

possiblities are endless..

as a starter i will work with glitter eye shadows.

Step 1: Things You Need.

1.German glue ( white glue).

2 glitter/shimmer eye-shadow. i used bronze glitter dust eye shadow of NEXT.

3 wet cloth or nail polish remover pads.

4. top coat.

5. application brush ( optional)

Step 2: Method

Start with fresh hand. apply petroleum jelly if you feel German glue might be toxic to your nail beds.
Apply a drop of glue and spread it with help of a spatula or your finger. make sure you do put glue in the nail cuticles too.
Now dip your finger in the glitter bottle/ box.
shake off excess and clean the sides with the wet tissue or cloth ( can use any wipe or even nail polish remover pads.
apply top coat.

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