Introduction: 3 Step T Shirt Sleeve Switch-a-Roo

Not being the most girly of girls... I still can't appreciate the boxy sleeves of a good boys/mens t shirt.

I couldn't pass up a few tees from the local thrift for 10 cents. After trying them on, they just didn't fit. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Step 1: Cut Sleeves

With the T shirt laying completely flat,

1. Cut the original sleeve along the curve as closely as you can to the seam.

2. Ditto. Cut the "new" sleeve along the curve as closely as you can to the seam.

Step 2: Pin Sleeve

With new sleeve right side out, lay flat.

1. Locate the middle of top of sleeve. Use a pin to mark.

2. Laying flat, insert and tuck the sleeve into the sleeve hole. Right side to right side. See pic2 for clarification.

3. (A.)Line the pin and the top seam of the shirt. Pin. (B.) Match the bottom and pin.

4. Pin the entire sleeve.

Step 3: Sew Easy


Stitch length will need to be adjusted to avoid puckering and the inevitable breakage from tight stitches!!

I highly suggest testing a few stitch lengths on left over t shirt scraps. Give a gentle pull on stitched fabric. If the stitches "pop" the length is too tight.

1. Start at the bottom seams. (*Don't forget to back stitch!)

2. Sew.