Introduction: Crew Neck to V Neck Collar Switch-a-Roo

After switching up the sleeves on a boxy boys/mens t shirt, I excitedly tried on my new creation. Unfortunately the collar was much too tight and high up on the neck. So I took matters into my own hands...for a good ole 'switch a roo' part two!

Check out how to do the 3 Step T Shirt Sleeve Switch a Roo here:

Step 1: Remove V Neck Collar

1. Use a seam reaper to remove v neck collar.

2. Use caution to not stretch the collar excessively to avoid puckering once the shirt is dried and laundered.

Step 2: Remove Crew Neck Collar

1. Cut following the collar as close to the seam.

2. With shirt laying flat, position the v neck collar on t shirt to find and mark the bottom of the 'V'.

3. Fold the t shirt length wise, top to bottom, a hot dog! Yes I went totally old school...all the way back to kindergarten. Please view pic4 for clarification.

4. Cut the curve to the marked bottom of the 'V'. Please view pic5 for clarification.

Step 3: Pin the New Collar and Sew On.

1. Find the mid point to the backside of the t shirt collar opening. Find the mid point to the 'V' collar.

2. Pin the mid point of the collar and the opening together.

With the t shirt right side out,

3. Pin the entire collar to the t shirt, right side facing right side.

4. Sew. NOTE: I highly recommend using a longer stitch to avoid puckering and pulling that may lead to stitch breakage.