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I am creating these simple DIY earrings today :) They take less than 5 minutes to make and you can easily change them to your liking by swapping the charms. You can make as many different earrings from this one pair to suit your mood or outfit!

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Step 1: Watch This Video Tutorial for More Fun :)

You can watch this video for more details and fun :)

Step 2: Materials Used

See the list of materials I used for these easy earrings.

DIY earrings - materials:

Gold plated copper wire (20 gauge non tarnish from Palmers Metals) (about 12 cm per earring base-the spiral, plus about 5cm for each charm)

2 Swarovski AB bicon beads (4mm)

2 swarovski crystal heart pendants

2 tiny pearl beads

2 large pearl beads

Chain nose pliers, wire cutters, brush handle, nail file.

Step 3: Make the Base

Cut a piece of your wire about 4.5" (12cm) and bend it to a 90 degree angle. The short end will be the earring bar that goes into your ear, so make it as long or short as you like. Then add a small pearl or any bead you like to the end of the long wire and start bending the long wire around the bead. You can first hold the short bar with chain nose pliers until you have a bit of the spiral done, then hold the spiral with the pliers and carry on turning the wire around (about 3 times). Once you are happy with the size of the spiral, cut the excess wire off leaving about 2cm which will be then made into a small loop. Before you cut any of the wire off, hold the earrings in-front of you the way they would go into your ear and make sure the loop will be right below the short bar. Then get rid of the sharp edges on the short bar by filing it down with a nail file and also using your wire cutters, create a ridge almost at the end of the bar to stop your earring backs falling off (hold it gently with wire cutters and twist the bar around)

And then create another earring base exactly the same way. If you are feeling really creative, make the other one the opposite side (just start turning the wire into the spiral the other way)

You can learn how to make really simple earring backs by checking out my 'DIY Diamond earrings' tutorial :)

Step 4: Make Different Charms

You can really go wild and create different charms to attach to the base! I have decided to make some simple ones just to show you what you can do.

1) Get about 5cm of wire and create a tiny loop on the end of it, then using your chain nose pliers, bend the loop to 90 degree angle. Add a large pearl bead and one crystal bicon bead and then use chain nose pliers to bend the wire right above the bicon bead towards you. Cut of excess wire leaving about 2cm and then bend that into a loop. attach to the base and you have a pair really lovely pearl stud/ dangle earrings :)

2) Turn a small piece of wire around a small brush handle 3 times and then cut two jump rings out of this coil. Open the jump ring, add a crystal heart, add it to the loop of the base and close the jump ring.

3) With this last one, I just wanted to again show you the possibilities :) I have created really easy pendants in my last Instructable (DIY chokers) and I used the white pearl pendant on this last earring. Of course you will need a pair, but it's just to give you an idea, because it looks super gorgeous!!

To be honest you can set yourself a little challenge and try to make as many pairs of earrings as possible with different charms! The only thing to say is that when you are attaching the charms, always open the loops on the charms rather than the loop on the base to avoid any damage to the base.

I really hope you like these easy earrings and please let me know if you decide to make them! :)

Step 5: Watch This Quick Tutorial

You can also watch this video tutorial for more fun and details :)

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