Introduction: 5-minutes Earrings Stand!

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Ever thought of gifting those beautiful earrings, but could not find a good stand for them?

Worry not! Make this simple earrings stand in 5 minuets or less!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Pink handmade paper. About 12 x 12 inches. If you cant find one, you can use any other reasonably stiff paper.
  • Printer paper. I used one from an old ad pamphlet about 8 x 6 inches. Reuse, reduce and recycle :)
  • Acrylic paint / Water color of your choice.
  • A fine brush


  • Steel ruler, a foot long would be perfect!
  • Scissors*
  • Paper cutter*
  • Toothpick, preferably wooden one
  • Pencil and eraser
  • White PVA glue

*Note: Scissors and paper cutter are sharp tools. Use them carefully.

Step 2: Sketching

  1. Fold the copier paper in half
  2. Place an earring on it for size. For the given size of paper, I have made the design in box of about 3 x 2½ inches.
  3. Leaving some blank area around, make a border to it. You can make any design you want. Keep in mind that this is only half of the design, because we have folded the paper in half!

Step 3: Cut Your Design

Once you are satisfied with your design cut it carefully along the borders using scissors or paper cutter.

Step 4: Tracing the Design

Place the cut out copier paper design on the hand made paper.

Try to guess the center of the handmade paper. Place the copier paper template slightly* below the center.

Once happily placed, trace out the design. This will form the 'window' to hang your earrings from.

Similarly, mark the center line, and leave about an inch from bottom of your design.

*If in doubt or if the nerdy you kicks in, use the steel ruler and find the exact center. I have left about half an inch from the center.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Window

Using the paper cutter, or scissors, cut out the window for hanging the earrings.

Step 6: Score the Fold Lines

Score the lines where you would be folding using the toothpick.

For scoring, you can even use specially designed scoring tool, but right now a toothpick is fine!

Step 7: Erase Those Line

Unless you want the unsightly lines to appear in your final hanger, erase those pencil lines.

Dont worry, you have already scored the lines to fold and cut along the others, so you wont lose any 'data' ;)

Step 8: Folding

Fold along the scored lines.

Step 9: Punch Those Holes!

You need to make holes for hanging your earrings.

Place the eraser under the paper where you want the holes. Using the toothpick, pierce the holes.

Step 10: Stick

Apply some white PVA glue to one of the tabs, and stick it to the other tab.

Once the glue is dry, the stand would 'stand' on its base.

Step 11: Decorate

Using acrylic paint and fine brush, paint or write something fun/romantic on the stand.

Step 12: Finish

Insert the earrings through the punched holes, and admire :)

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