Introduction: Adorable Panda Pillow Pet

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My little brother loves pandas. Yesterday was his birthday, so I decided to buy him a pillow pet. It turned out that they were a little out of my price range, so I made my own! This pillow pet may look really hard to make, but it is actually super easy! Alrighty, let's get stated!!

Step 1: Materials/Supplies

First, you will need to gather your supplies. You will need some white Sherpa fleece and black plush coral fleece. I don't know exactly how much you need, but you won't need to use more than a yard. The white fabric will be the top, and the black will be the bottom.

Step 2: Making the Body

First, cut out a 16.5x22.5 square out of each type of fabric. Place the squares on top of each other, wrong sides (the non-fluffy side) facing out. Then sew them,leaving a hole big enough to put your hand in. Flip it the right way out and stuff it. When stuffing the body, stuff it like a pillow, but with a little less stuffing, so you can fold it. Then close the hole.

Step 3: The Back Paws

Trace one of the corners of the pillow on a piece of paper, and cut out two of them from the black fabric. It should look something like the shape in the picture above. Once they're cut out, sew them on two of the corners on one of the long sides.

Step 4: The Stripe/front Paws.

This is probably the hardest part. You're going to need to cut out an arch that is a stripe and the front paws. What I did was I laid the black fabric over the front of the panda body, so I could see how long the body was. Then I cut out a half circle that draped over the corners. Next, I cut off a "C" shape from the bottom of the half circle. I then sewed that on the front of the panda body. TA-DA!! You're already almost done!

Step 5: The Head

Cut two circles from the Sherpa, (white), fabric. Then cut out two small ovals and sew them onto the bottom of one of the circles. Then poke a small hole through the middle of the black ovals. Put the eyes through the holes and clip them in place. Then pin the white circles together, wrong sides facing out. Sew them together, again leaving a hole big enough to put your hand through. Flip it the right way out. This time you can stuff it all the way. Then close the hole.

Step 6: The Face Details

THE NOSE: Cut out two small white circles and a small black triangle. These pieces will be the nose. Sew the triangle onto one of the small circles. Then place the two circles on top of each other, wrong sides facing out and sew them together, leaving a hole big enough to put stuffing in. Flip it right side out, then stuff, and close the hole. Sew it onto the face, underneath the eyes.

THE EARS: Cut out two bow tie shapes and fold them in half. They should make a half oval shape. Sew the folded sides together, leaving a hole at the bottom of each one. Then stuff them and sew them onto the top of the head. Stuff the head and close the hole. Then sew the head onto the front of the pillow. Just a few more steps to go!

Step 7: The Tail

Cut out two of these weird looking shapes and sew them together. Turn it inside out and stuff it. Then attach it to the back of the pillow.

Step 8: The Velcro

Cut out a strip of black fabric and sew on a piece of velcro. Sew it on to one side of the panda. Then sew another piece of velcro onto the other side of the pillow.

Step 9: FINISHED!!!

YAY! You're finally done and now have an adorable pillow pet! Congrats! Thank you for reading and if you have any tips or made one, please don't hesitate to share! Thank you!

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