Introduction: Cactus Ring Holder!

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So I've been needing something to put my rings in lately because they're just sitting on my dresser, constantly getting knocked off, so i decided to make an adorable cactus ring holder!


  • Air dry clay
  • A cup of water (Not to drink)
  • A toothpick
  • Something to cover your work space
  • A ring to

Step 1: Making the Body:

First, take a piece of clay roll and roll it into a shape that looks like a cucumber. Then, take your finger and dip it into the water. Gently rub your wet finger along the cracks of the clay. This will make it smooth.

Step 2: Creating the Dish:

Take a large chunk of clay and make it into a circle. Then fold the edges up slightly so that it kind of looks like a plate. Then dip your finger into the water and rub it against the cracks until smooth.

Step 3: Attaching the Body:

Now take the body of the cactus and gently push the bottom half into the plate. Then take the toothpick and squish the bottom of the body onto the dish. Then use a wet finger to smooth out the holes and cracks.

Step 4: Creating and Attaching the Arms:

Now it's time to give the little cactus it's arms! Roll out a piece of clay that's about half as thick as the body. Use your ring to make sure it fits on it. Then fold it into an "L" shape. Now use a wet finger to smooth out the cracks. Attach it to the body like you attached the body to the dish. Repeat this step for the other arm.

Step 5: Waiting...:

Now here's the hard part. Waiting for it to dry. Leave your cactus to dry either for a day or overnight, depending on the thickness.

Step 6: Painting the Dish:

First, paint the dish that the cactus is on. I painted mine gold to represent sand. I would recommend carefully painting around the base of the cactus first, then moving outward. That way you or the cactus won't get paint on it. If you did get paint on the cactus, that's OK because you can just paint over it with green. Now wait for the dish to try.

Step 7: Finishing Up:

Now paint the cactus green, (or any color you want), and wait for it to dry. Ta-Da! Now you have a cute little cactus ring holder! I hoped you liked this Instructable, and if you made one, please post an "I Made It!", I would love to see it! If you have any questions, please ask away, I will answer them the best I can! Thank you!

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