Introduction: Appliqued Apron

This is why I throw NOTHING away! This project combines recycling (the denim), photo play, and needlework to create a simple but fun apron.

Step 1: Materials

Denim (reclaimed from a 20-year-old dress, well-worn but not at all flattering)
White sheeting (left over from making a bed skirt)
Batting (just a scrap; again, left over from another project)
DMC threads, #646, 647, and 844, and cross stitch needle
Reliable HP inkjet printer, Model 2110 (from Craigslist; one of the best $20 investments I've made)
Twill tape for ties
Needle and thread for applique
Fray Check fabric glue (who knows how long that's been in the cabinet?)
Coffee mug (it's not elegant, but I made it, and that was important)

Step 2: Step 1: Cut Out the Apron

Prepare your fabric. I cut up an old dress. Yes, it was big.
I used another apron as a pattern. I just put the old one on top of the denim and cut.
Turn under the raw edges and machine stitch. I used the existing hem of the dress.

Step 3: Step 2: Shoot and Print

Take a photo--mine was a mug shot :-).
Cut an 8" x 11" piece of the white sheeting. Press it. Lay the 8" edge against the 8.5" edge of copy paper and tape the seam.
Flip the fabric over the paper.
Carefully feed the fabric/paper into the printer. For the HP 2110, it went tape side first, fabric side down.
Print, watching the process to ensure that it all goes through without gobbling up the fabric. I think that wouldn't be good.

Step 4: Step 3: Prepare the Applique

Remove the fabric print from the paper.
Cut out the image, leaving a 1/16' margin for stitching.
Finish the very edge with Fray Check or some other waterproof fabric finish.
Cut a batting piece to match the image.

Step 5: Step 4: Attach the Applique

Place the applique and batting onto the apron.
Pin the applique to the denim.
Begin stitching the applique, using a tiny whip stitch.
Stitch all the way around all the edges of the applique.
All done with the applique.

Step 6: Step 5: Add Steam

Draw a freehand series of steam tendrils.
Gather the DMC and a cross stitch needle.
Follow your outline with a back stitch.
Fill in the wider areas with additional rows of back stitching.
Finish the steam, varying the colors.

Step 7: Step 6: Add the Ties

Sew twill tape to the top corners and at the sides for ties.
All done!