Introduction: Arc Reactor Mark IV

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Make an arc reactor under $15

Step 1: Materials Needed:

1. Chasing the air filter
2. 9v Batrai

3. Solatip cable

4. 1cm acrylic

5. Mosquito wire

6. Cable

7. 1.3v white LED

8. White LED3v

9. Wire wound

10. webbing rope

Step 2: Assembly

1. Cut the acrylic according to the pattern, and give a mark for the cable boundary

2. Cut PVC according to the pattern for the acrylic supporting frame

3. Cut the PVC circle

4. Arrange PVC No. 2 according to the sign on the acrylic

5. Wrap the cord around the acrylic that has been marked

Step 3: Final Asembly

1. Place the 3v LED light in the center

2. The 1.3v LED is arranged in series at the bottom of the acrylic without the coil

3. Glue all LEDs to the PVC frame

4. Connect the LED cable to the 9v battery

5. The finished arc reactor is inserted into the air filter casing

Step 4: Bonus

hand reactor

Step 5: Bonus

Iron Man Helmet Light Eye