DANBO Card Board

Introduction: DANBO Card Board

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Only $1

Step 1: Tools and Materials


1. Cutter

2. Duct Tape

3. Glue Gun

4. Marker



4pcs Card Board - 384x357x513 (mm) - Cigarette Boxes

Step 2: Make Head

1 1 piece of cardboard used as the head, the eyes and nose, the nose is perforated with a cutter

2. Make a picture like in the bottom left image

3. Make a hole in the bottom the size of your head

4. The inside for the head holder so that the head can danbo can be used up when used

Better to wedge the left, right, top, front and back

Step 3: Body

1 1 carton made for body parts

2. Punch a hole in the size of your head

3. The left and right holes, for the hands

4. Leave the bottom open

5. Image according to your creation

Step 4: Hand

1. 1 carton can be used as 2 hands

2. Make as the picture

3. Length according to your hands

4. Don't forget the base of the hand is given a handle to control the hand so it does not fall

Step 5: Legs

1. 1 carton can be used as 2 legs
2. Make as the picture

3. Length according to your legs

4. The inside should be perforated, for the feet or shoes so that the feet can be held by your feet or shoes, you can also use a rope to hang the feet to your shoulders, remember .... adjust the length of your feet

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