Introduction: Scarecrow Sad

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  1. Scissors
  2. Cutting
  3. Large sewing needle
  4. Wood glue
  5. Plastic bags
  6. Gunny sack


  1. Old newspapers
  2. Eva foam
  3. Clothes and pants (change); sir sir, or something that fits the theme
  4. Mining
  5. Plastic strap

Step 1: Making Head Based

  1. The base of the head frame is made from used newspapers that are put into plastic bags and made as round as possible so that the results are good. Use old newspaper clippings and paste using wood glue to form a ball, do not forget to give a hole to remove the newspaper in plastic and as well as a place to put your head
  2. To look out of the head frame, make a hole about the size and level of your eye
  3. Take out the newspaper in a plastic bag, make sure the wall made of used newspaper is thick enough, so that the head frame is sturdy

Step 2: Inner Head

  1. Make sure the head frame is round enough and sturdy, if still not sturdy enough you can add pieces of newspaper using wood glue, better yet wood glue can be used as furnishing
  2. The inside (purple arrow) gives extra foam to support your head so that your head can move more comfortably, and make sure the hole to look out is in front of the buffer foam

Step 3: Finishing

Sew the burlap sack according to the head frame pattern using fibers from the portion of the sack, as well as the mouth part (no.3)
No. 2 sew the neck, unite between the end of the head frame and the sack so that the position does not change, as well as mine wrapped around it no. 4 sewing buttons made of sponge eva and the position is adjusted to be proportional and balanced Finishing can use wood glue so that the sacks and frame are more unified and the sack flakes are not scattered so that it can interfere with breathing

Step 4: Final


You can make it easily right, so try and be creative with your creativity,

See you with the next project

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