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Introduction: Aromatherapy Lava Beads

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Lava stone beads are porous and can absorb essential oils, giving you a relaxing scent that will last throughout the day. I have a lot of essential oils leftover from my massage therapy days and this is a great way to put them to use.

Step 1: Materials

Lava stone beads
Essential Oils

Necklace or bracelet

Step 2: String

Attach your beads however you want them. I made mine into a bracelet that is also a nice fidget toy. I made an adjustable knot by sliding both ends of the bracelet string into a smaller lava bead and then tying knots on both ends.

Step 3: Essential Oils

The night before you want to wear your beads drip a bit of essential oil on them. I suggest doing this the night before so the oil doesn’t accidentally get on your clothes. Keep in a plastic bag or container. Add more oil as needed.

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    5 years ago

    I will be on the look out for these beads. I have a big lava rock--maybe I can carve some???