Introduction: Attack on Titan

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attack on titan makeup transformation!

Step 1: Outline

Using a white eyeliner I'm mapping out my design.

Step 2: Base

using tan body paint I filled in the skin, then using red body paint I filled in the holes, after that I'm taking black body paint and filling in the eyes. I'm making the eyes a little angry by making it curve up at the end.

Step 3: Muscle

taking black and dark red body paint I added squiggly lines on the inside of the red. I made it darker in the ends and taper off toward the middle. after I take pink and white and add it to the center. I also take maroon eyeshadow to deepen up the shadows.

Step 4: Angry!

using brown shadow I added some angry wrinkles, then taking black body paint I went over them lightly, then useing white nyx jumbo pencil in Milk I added highlights.

Step 5: Teeth

Next I used a makeup remover wipe to clear up where the teeth go, then using white body paint to fill in the teeth.

Step 6: Details

Using black body paint I outlined the teeth, then using pink I added some shine, then I used maroon shadow to add shadows, after that I outlined a little with black body paint.

Step 7: Fill In

fill in the rest of the muscle.

Step 8: Stretch Marks

Then using brown shadow and black body paint to make stretch marks on the skin.

Step 9: Line

use white eyeliner to outline.

Step 10: Base

fill in the skin with tan, and muscle with red.

Step 11: Detail

add more muscle

Step 12: Last Detail

add more stretch marks, done!

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