Introduction: Awesome Danglers From Waste Cloth

Hey guys!!
This is a superb idea to make danglers that go with your cloths. Here, I have used the extra cut outs of the stitched outfit to make the danglers. So let's get started!!
Materials required :
Some waste cloth cut outs
Paper quilling strips (any colour) (size :3mm-1 strip and 5mm-14 strips)
Paper quiller
Quilling mold
Jump ring and hook (2 each)
Pearl stickers (white or off white)

Step 1: To Make Two Tight Coils

Take seven paper quilling strips and join them with glue at their tips and quill to make a big tight coil (strip size - 5mm). Repeat the process and make coil too!

Step 2: Shape the Coil Into a Dome

Take the quilling mould and choose a suitable dome shape and press the paper quillied coil inside it. Make another dome shape from second paper quilled coil. Now our base is ready.

Step 3: Glue the Inner Side of Dome

Apply glue on the inner side of both the domes to provide them the strength. Let the glue dry..

Step 4: Cover the Dome With Cloth

Take those extra cut outs of cloth. Take one square cut out and glue it on the outer surface of dome. Then cut the main extras with scissors but tuck some part of the cloth beneath the dome and glue it. Cover this dome again with the cloth so the base dome is completely covered and it hides those partitions of paper... Repeat it for the second dome too...

Step 5: Make Two Small Attachment Coils

Divide the 3mm strips into four equal parts. Quill two tight coils of the two parts and the rest are extras...

Step 6: Add Jump Rings and Hooks

First add jump ring and hook too the that small coil and stick the coil on top of the dome. Make sure that it is sticked at the centre perfectly.

Step 7: Stick Some Pearl Stickers

Now, these beautiful danglers are ready to go with your outfit.

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