Introduction: Beast Pompom Plush From Beauty and the Beast

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At my local theater they are going to perform Beauty and the Beast. Since I love being on stage and singing I have just auditioned for a part. Just to be nice to the drama instructor I'm making her a gift. I wasn't going to just go out and buy something cheap that she will forget. No, that's not how I roll. I need to MAKE her something. And something good too. After an hour of thinking, I finally decided on a beast plushie from the show we're performing.

Step 1: Stuff

You will need a few unusual things for this project.

- brown yarn
- scissors
- brown, white, black, and blue felt scraps
- pompom maker and brush

If you don't have a pompom maker, you could cut out two cardboard circles. Then slice a large hole in the middle of them. Finally, cut the two circles in half.

Step 2: Makin' Da Pompom

First, you will need your pompom maker. Press two pompom maker pieces together. Take your brown yarn and wrap it around two pieces. Then, wrap the yarn around again. Repeat this process with the other two pompom maker pieces. Now you will need to press the two parts together and slice between the pieces. Next, take some leftover yarn and double knot the string in the middle. Now you can remove the pompom maker pieces from the pompom. Finally, fluff up your pompom. Repeat this whole step so you have TWO pompoms in total.

Step 3: Beast's Body

For this step hot glue the two pompom's together. If you want to, brush out the yarn to make it fluffy.

Step 4: Ears and Nose

For the ears, cut out two symmetrical triangles on felt. Then, cut out a long rectangle for the muzzle, and hot glue it so it looks like a folded map. Cut that in half, but don't throw the other half away. Now take a bit of your black felt and cut a wide triangle with dull points. Hot glue that to the front of your muzzle. Next, cut out two, long white triangles. You will need the small extra piece you cut off the muzzle, and hot glue the white triangles on top of the extra piece. Finally, glue that onto the bottom of the muzzle so it looks like there is a bottom jaw with teeth.

Step 5: I Can SEE How You Made Those

Cut two circles out of your white felt. Then, cut two small rectangles out of brown felt. Next, cut out two small black circles. To assemble the beast eyes, glue the rectangles to the top of the white circles. Then, glue the small black dots inside of the white circle. Attach them to the head.

Step 6: Ram

The beast's horns are a bit tricky. Cut two long, brown, dull felt triangles. Hot glue one side down. Then fold it in half and glue it in that position. Finally attach them to the head, between the ears.

Step 7: Limp Limbs

Cut two arms out, two legs, and a tail. Hot glue them to the body.

Step 8: Cape Time

The cape is the simplest part. Cut a small, blue, blanket-like piece of fleece. Hot glue the two tips together (from the long side). Just plop it over the beast's head.

Step 9: Done!

Now you have your Beast plushie! You can do anything you want with it! Even take him in the West Wing of the castle ;)


P.S. If you make it, have compliments, or suggestions, post a comment!