Introduction: Beer Bottle Valentines Gift - Simple Lads Guide

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Right lads, that day is nearly upon us, the day where the wrong gift or forgetting will spell certain DOOM!!

Valentines Day......This means that less than 2 months after Christmas we must attempt shopping again.

Now this time of year is where my other half expects me to be romantic and get.make something special, so after a trip to cargo for ideas I spotted some nice looking bottles with roses in for £15.99!!!!!

Now I thought it would be a nice and more genuine idea to make some rather than buy some...

So here is my take on a simple homemade gift to get you in the good books

(please forgive the pics forced to use my old nokia, as Iphone is being repaired)

Step 1: You Will Need

Empty beer bottles - So get drinking lads, lol like we need an excuse

spray paint - now for this I was lucky enough to have lots of half used spray cans from various car projects but anything will work and any colours you want really

flowers real or fake you decide


Step one Drink the Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All kidding aside, please drink responsibly.

Once you have your bottles ( i found 4 enough to give a nice gift effect ) wash them and make sure they are clean, dry and beer free.

Now you are ready to spray the bottles, for mine I used standard White primer and thats it for the matt effect and found that 2 / 3 coats per bottle was enough.

But depending on your chosen colours you may need a primer and gloss coat

Step 3: The Box

Now some beers come in card carry caces, I made sure to keep this in good contidion and just sprayed it with an old green / turquoise.

I didnt go made here as on first attempt the card went soft and fell appart but less is more and taking the time for it to dry between coats made a difference.

Once all was dry I put the lot together to see if it worked

Step 4: Finishing Touch

Now you can skip the box/carry case part if you wish as these make great window displays / shelf displays as they are. You can also get really creative and paint strips, stars, different colours, personal messages etc......

I ended up popping to my local florist and getting a real and a nice little card to attach to the bottles

Real flowers worked fine and just required a small amount of water in each bottle to keep them going

Fake flowers work well too but think you will get better points for the real ones

So they you go guys, a cheap, decorative, recyclable, thoughtful homemade gift for valentines day ;)

Your Welcome lol

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