Introduction: Hook Only Rainbow Loom Bracelets: Bonita (Original Design)

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This tutorial is for those who are into Rainbow Looming. We use small rubber bands and make it into different bracelet designs. Do not worry if you don't have the loom. This design can be made using any hook similar to that of the rainbowloom or just use a double ended crochet hook, or if not just the regular crochet hook.

BONITA is another design made by me. It’s is also base on a 6-loop standard set-up. If you are not familiar with the set up, you can find the instructions here.

Bonita means ”pretty little one” in Spanish. Name as such because this design is small and a little narrow. Pretty in the wrist if its a bracelet and cute as accessories like bag tag or a keychain. This design is the 2nd of the 3 little hook only rainbow loom hook only design I made just recently al base on 6 loops as a base. Another one coming soon! And without further adieu, let’s get looming!

1. RL hook or crochet double ended hook. I used the latter for easy flipping of the bands, because you may need to turn the hook in the process, to mirror the other side of the design.

2. Set of bands. In my example, I use RL Opaque Gray and Persian Black.

3. C-clip

Step 1: Step 1 and 2

Make a standard 6-loop set up base for a hook only design. I also have a tutorial for the standard 6-loops base on this link.

Insert a new band under 3 loops but do not close it yet.

Step 2: Step 3 and 4

3. Leave the 1st loop. Reclaim 2nd loop. Leave the 3rd loop.

4. Close the other end of the new band then FLIP the bands on the hook or slide it to the other side.

Step 3: Step 4A

4A. Repeat Steps 2-4 on the other side (2 pictures below the upper picture are labeled in pink for steps 3 and 4). It should look like the picture above at this moment, 6-loops on the hook.

Step 4: Steps 5, 6 and 7

5. Insert a new band all through 6 loops on the hook. Do not close yet.

6. Reclaim the 2 center loops.

7. Close with the other end of the new band. You will now have 4 loops on the hook.

Step 5: Step 8

8. Since we have only 4 loops left after executing Step 7, add 1 more band each to form another 6-loops. Repeat from Step 2-8 until you achieve the desired length of your accessory. You can insert another band through all the loops on the hook before closing. Don’t forget to use your C-clip to keep them together when you finished.

Note: As you progress with the design, you may wanna pull the sides to emphasize the flair borders. Just a little pull on both sides.

There you have it, your own Bonita bracelet/key chain/bag tag. Should you try and make this hook only rainbow loom design, please don’t forget to hashtag it to #bonitabracelet and #nelldesign and tag me @koolitskee on Instagram.

Thank you for your precious time reading!

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