Introduction: Box Frame Lego Display

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Welcome to another instructable

While re decorating my nephews room and feeling the pain of stepping on his Lego I thought of a good way to display and mount some of the sets

Step 1: You Will Need.....

Thick frame box ( £5 from cargo )

Desired Lego set

Printer and photo paper

Glue gun

Step 2: Decisions Decisions

Once you have you frame the rest is easy, simply choose you desired Lego set and your ready to begin

For this I choose the teenage mutant ninja turtles as these were my caves back in the 80's

Once chosen get the frame and remove the backing

Step 3: Glue and Glue

No the frame I choose had a ready made mount installed in which was handy and ideal for what I wanted, but you can make your own of any colour simply taking out the glass carefully and using it as a template.

Once you have taken the mount out you can decide how and where you want to mount your figures. I decided on mounting the 6 ( 4 turtles, splinter and shredder ) evenly and around the edge.

Once the spacing has been decided you can simply heat up the glue gun and glue them straight to the mount

Step 4: Almost Done

Now with the characters stuck to the mount, you can choose your picture, this can be anything but for the sake of argument I went for the classic logo for the tmnt

Once printed out and trimmed to fit the picture you can bring it all together

And your done that simple

Step 5: Trial and Error

Now done you can try other examples to make and together they look quite good on the wall

Ideal for boys and girls and any type
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