Introduction: Braided Crochet Bracelet

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This simple and easy braided crochet bracelet/jewelry is perfect everyday accessories and I'm going to teach you how to make one. Just ready your yarn and other materials (buckle charms and connector) that you can buy in the craft store.


2 Color Yarn (depends on your color preferences)

Jewelry Connector and Buckle Charms


Scotch Tape


Hook (3mm)

Step 1: Measure the Yarn

First measure yarn for about 30 inches long. Then start to make a loop. The loop will be the starting point of crocheting an I-cord.

Step 2: Making an I-cord Crochet

After making a loop, chain one, then start to yarn under into one yarn and yarn over on to the other side yarn, chain together, and that will be the first I-cord stitches. Continue to yarn under and yarn over into both yarns until it will have 80 stitches I-cord, which equals 10 inches long. Make two 10 inches long I-cord in each color. Gonna be a total of four I-cord crochet.

Step 3: Start to Braid

After making the four I-cord crochet, align it, and adjust the position of each color I-cord. The two-color yellow yarn should be placed at the end left and end right, and the two black yarn should be placed in the middle. After aligning the end of each I-cord, put scotch tape around it.

NOTE: When putting scotch tape around the end, make sure the four yarn align flat. Trim the excess end yarn, and start to put the end clamp at the end of the yarn. Tape the clamp on the surface, and begin to braid.


1st Braid

Place the right yellow yarn over the right black yarn, under the left yellow yarn. Place the left yellow yarn under the left black yarn, over the right yellow yarn.


Place the right black yarn over the left yellow yarn, under the left black yarn. Place the left black yarn under the right yellow yarn, over the right black yarn.

Repeat the process of the 1st and 2nd braid alternately up until the end of four yarn.

Step 4: Putting Charms and Lock

Tape the last braid with scotch tape around it. Make sure it's flat and align. Trim the excess again, then start to put the end clamp. Put the other connector, such as buckle charms to both sides to connect.

The end result is a nice and simple accessory/jewelry for your wrist. Happy Making!

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