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Hello Instructapeeps! = D

I wanted to share my simple idea of a pen organizer made of used cardboard with a pineapple inspired design.

And the materials are:









AND A EDITING SOFTWARE (Illustrator, Corel, Excel or Powerpoint)

Step 1: Cardboard Foundation

First, cut out the cardboard in different kinds of shapes. Each shape has a different measurement. And here's the measurement of each cutout.

BODY 4PCS.( W = 3.5" X H = 2.5" )

BODY BASE BOTTOM 1PC. ( W = 3.375" X H = 3.875" )

BODY BASE BOTTOM SMALL 1PC. ( W = 2.75" X H = 3.25" )

TRAPEZOID BASE 4PCS.( W = 3.5" X H = 1" )

BASE BOTTOM FOR TRAPEZOID 1PC. ( W = 2.875" X H = 3.25" )

TRIANGULAR SIDE 2PCS. ( W = 3.5" X H = 1.5" )

DIVIDER 1PC. ( W = 3.5" X H = 3.875" )

See the images above for a clear illustration.

Step 2: Assembling

Began to assemble each cardboard using glue or a glue gun. Forming it a little box and a little base box for a secret compartment.

Step 3: The Wrapping Design

Here I made a design inspired by a pineapple, which we can use to wrap around the cardboard. I began to layout it in Illustrator Software, you can use other editing software too, such as Corel, PowerPoint, and even Excel. I used the color yellow, orange, red, and green to match the pineapple. Just a basic little yellow square with the orange outline and a little dot in the middle. Then I began to multiply each square design, enough that you can wrap around to cardboard. The other color green is just a basic rectangular shape enough also to wrap around to cardboard. Print it after finishing the layout. Used any kind of paper as long as 80gsm. below. After print cut every design and begin to paste and wrap it around to cardboard.

Step 4: Wrap It All Around

Wrap the entire body and base box with the printed design using glue. You can also use tape in every edge of the box so that the paper will not peel off.

Step 5: Wrap and Assemble the Rest

Then wrap the divider and the triangular side with the green color. The inside of the body box should be wrap with green color. Then the inside of the base box should be wrap with white color. After wrapping it with all the design begin to assemble the divider inside of the box into the middle then put the triangular side on both sides.

Step 6: Finish Product

This simple pen organizer is a nice addition to your office desk. So have fun making. Peace!

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