Introduction: Smiley Graphgan Tapestry Crochet

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This is the SMILEY EMOTICON TAPESTRY CROCHET. And I'm gonna instruct you how to make one. Once you finished it I can assure you that it will put a little smile on your face. So happy making!


- Black and Yellow Yarn

- 2 mm Hook (but any size will do)

- Scissor

- Tapestry Yarn Needle

- Paper or Graphing Paper

Step 1: Download the Emoticons

Download a smiley emoticon on the internet. Just make sure that the picture downloaded is high resolution.

Step 2: Making It Pixel-like

In the computer make a graph with 40 square each (LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, BOTTOM) using drawing software such as Illustrator, Corel or Excel. Input the smiley emoticon on top of the graph, then begin to convert it to a pixel-like graphics. The graph can also be done manually from paper or by using a graphing paper.

Here's the PDF file attached as a guide.

Step 3: Let's Begin the Smiley

Start to stitch a 40 single crochet (sc) as a foundation chain using black color yarn, after that make a chain 1, then start to make a 40 single crochet (sc) again. Then for the third time, chain 1 first, after that make a 40 single crochet (sc). At the end of that, it will be going to have 3 rows total.

Chaining 1 before to start another 40 single crochet.

Step 4: Starting to See the Smile

At row 4 starting on the left side, chain 1, then make a 15 single crochet (sc) using black color yarn, after that begin to switch the color of yarn to yellow make a 10 single crochet (sc), then switch again to black color yarn, then make a 15 single crochet (sc).

Switching yarn from 1 color to another...

Step 5: Forming the Smile

Continue the process as seen on the guide ( Download the file attached on step 2 ). Follow the pattern until 40 rows of 40 single crochet, starting to form a finished product of GRAPHGAN TAPESTRY SMILEY EMOTICON.

The finished product will make you smile. So, have fun and happy making!

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