Introduction: Bubble Glazing Technique


If you don't use under-glaze, you don't need to coat your piece with clear glaze.


Bisque fired object, underglaze, clear glaze, soap, water, cup, straw, and a paper plate

Step 1: Bisque Fired Object

Coat your ceramics pieces with a light underglaze.

Step 2: Mix!

Pump 2 squirts of hand soap, 3 spoons of water, and 1 spoon of any underglaze color into a cup. Mix together!

Step 3: Blowing Bubbles

Place your bisque fired item in a container. Put a straw in the cup and blow into it to make bubbles. Allow the bubbles to overflow onto your piece.

Tip: Slow blowing will give you larger bubbles. Fast blowing will give smaller bubbles.

Step 4: Pop!

Once the bubbles are placed to your liking carefully begin to blow on them to make them pop.

Step 5: Clear Glaze

Once the bubbles have dried coat your piece with clear glaze to get a shiny finish. Let your piece go through the kiln. Here are some examples.