Introduction: Butterfly Skull Makeup

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Hey guys! I'm here with a new Instructables, and this one is a butterfly skull. It would really help me out if you liked the video and maybe shared it as this is an entry into a contest. =) Thanks for all your support and I'll see you in my next post! Please subscribe to help support me! <3

Step 1: Set Up

To start off I had a clean primed face, then I took a glue stick and put that on my brows to make sure they were flat and ready to paint over, I also had on a wig cap. After that I took a white eyeliner pencil and outlined the 'crack' of the skin to the skull and also the shape of the skull.

Step 2: Skull Base

I then took this lavender colored body paint from Mehron and I put it on where the skull is going to be.

Step 3: Black

Using a black body paint from Mehron I put that in the hollows of my face. That would be my temple, eye, and nose. I also used a detail brush to add any fine lines and cracks.

Step 4: Shadow

I need to shadow around the skull and to do this I used two darker purple shadows to start off. I also made sure to shadow where the skin and the skull meet to make sure it looked like the skull was sitting under the skin. I then took a tad bit of black eyeshadow to deepen up the shadows even more.

Step 5: Teeth

Taking a white body paint I used it to make the teeth for the skull.

Step 6: Fill In

Taking that black body paint I filled in the cheek hole

Step 7: Teeth Detail

I used black eyeshadow to shadow around the teeth, and I took purple and black eyeshadow to deepen up the gum section.

Step 8: Pink

to add a little more color I added some pink shadow around the skull.

Step 9: Other Side

I took a foundation and put it on then set it with translucent powder.

Step 10: Outline

I used the white eyeliner to outline the eye look witch it going to be a butterfly wing. I used a reference photo to help me.

Step 11: Base

For the base of the wing I used dark purple and light purple body paint.

Step 12: Base of Lid

For the base of the lid I used a white jumbo pencil from NYX.

Step 13: Detail

For some detail lined I used some black body paint and a small brush.

Step 14: Pink and Detail

I put some pink on the lid then used a black liner to make a wing and added some dots on my inner corner .

Step 15: White Body Paint

I used the white body paint to add dots on the wings and some other little details

Step 16: Lips

I put on some nice pink lipstick.

Step 17: Random Face Stuff

I contoured my cheeks and added blush.

Step 18: Drips

I decided to take some black body paint and add drips under the eye.

Step 19: Shadow

To make it look even more like the skin was pooping up I added a shadow around the crack.

Step 20: Body Start

I used the white eyeliner to map out the crack on my neck.

Step 21: Fill It In

I used the purple to fill in the bones, and black to fill in the rest.

Step 22: Shadow

Using the same to purple shadows and black shadow I shadowed around that neck hole.

Step 23: Hole

I filled in a black hole on my chest where the butterflies are coming from then I used brown shadow to create the lifted skin look

Step 24: Butterfly

I used lash glue to attach the butterflies

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