Introduction: Button Flower 10min DIY

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I want to show you a real quick and easy DIY, that you can even make with quite little kids.

You can form it into a ring and use it as a napkin holder or

you could leave it straight and add it to a present wrapping or

you could put it in a Little vase and leave it on your desk or

you could give it to your mom as a tiny mother's day present.

Step 1: This Is What You Need

  • buttons
  • flower wire
  • fabric flower leaves (deco ones)
  • glass bead

Step 2: Preparing the Style

Take your flower wire and position the glass bead at about the middle of the wire. Secure it by twisting once. Thread the buttons onto the wire starting with the smallest. Make the style as long as suits you.

Step 3: Last Step

Add the petals and one more button to secure the petals. Twist the wire. If you want to use it as a napkin holder form a circle.




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