Introduction: Candle Decoration

In this Instructable you will have a step by step video tutorial and a step by step text and image tutorial which will guide you through the process of making a candle decoration out of wood. It is a simple but very decorative project. At the end, you will be able to add your own ideas as to how the final product should look like.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To create this project you will need:

- a 30x30 cm piece of wood which is approximately 5 - 7 cm high.

- a pencil and a compass to draw a circle with (maybe eraser).

- a wood saw to cut out the circle.

- a chisel and sandpaper.

Along the way, you might find that you need some extra things but this will do as the basics.

Step 2: Creating an Outline

When you have collected all your materials you will need to draw a 30 by 30 diameter circle. Then you will draw another circle which has a diameter of 20 by 20. This will be your orientation while cutting out the circle. Before cutting out the circle you will draw four lines on the circle each the same distance from each other. This will later also be used as an orientation for cutting.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Circle

In this step, you will take a saw to cut out the circle from the large wooden piece. To cut out the inner circle you will need to make a hole in the middle and start cutting from there. It is important that you take your time while cutting because:

1. You might get hurt if you are not careful.

2. You might cut the wrong part and mistakes are sometimes not fixable.

Step 4: Perfecting the Circle

This step afford some hard work because it depends on how well you cut the circle. You will have to make sure that the circle is of nice shape and has no edges. It should be almost perfectly round. This can be achieved by using sandpaper and making everything nice and smooth and round. It will take some time and can be pretty exhausting. However, it can really help make the project look good.

Step 5: Cutting 4 Pieces and Drawing 4 Circles

First, you will measure the middle of each of the four pieces and draw a 2.5 cm diameter circle. The circle should be centered on each piece to look symmetric.

Then you will cut the four pieces along the lines. Again make sure to be careful and do the work accurately because it helps to make the product visually appealing. Lastly, in this step, you will again take sandpaper and make sure that there are no edges and everything is nice and smooth.

Step 6: Creating the Candle Spot

This step will take a lot of time because the circle has to be chiseled out carefully. The hole should not be too deep. The purpose is to create a little spot in which the candle will hold so it doesn't just stand around but looks like it belongs to the wooden project. The chisel will be used to create a 5 mm to 10 mm deep hole in which the candle will stand. After chiseling most of the wood out you will again have to use sandpaper to make the surface smooth and even.

Step 7: Final Touches

To end the entire project making process you will color the product in the color you want to. You could also keep the project in the color that the wood has. This depends on your choice. You could also make a pattern on the product. Lastly, you will add the candles into the holes. Finally, when everything is dry and looks like you want to have it you can place the project in any combination on your table or shelve. It can be a very nice Christmas decoration if you use it as a circle.

Step 8: Video

I hope you like my Idea. Enjoy the video to it.

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