Wooden Decoration: Star, Angel, Schwippbogen

Introduction: Wooden Decoration: Star, Angel, Schwippbogen

Simple to fit into many places. Can be used all year long.

Step 1: Planning and Cutting

At first, I drew a rough sketch of the arch and its features. I also created the star with a rough drawing. The size and complete shape I drew on the wood I was using and cut out the pieces with a jigsaw by hand.

Because I had a little material left over I decided to create another piece in the shape of an angle.

Step 2: Holes

The star and angle were rather easy because it was only cutting out one piece and then drilling three holes for candles to put in.

Step 3: Arch

For the arch, I needed to add holes to fix the arch bridges on the bottom stand which was going to hold it together. Therefore I used a dowel for quick fixing and then added screws to make it hold entirely.

Step 4: Varnish

The last part was to varnish the products with either a grey or clear Lasur. Depending on how strong the color should be I put the varnish on once or twice.

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