Introduction: Wooden Decoration: Adventskranz

Christmas themes wooden Decoration also usable other times in the year.

Step 1: Planning

In this step, I tried out what my product is supposed to look like and what some options of design and use are. I tried to find the correct size so it would not be too large or small. I decided on a 5 cm wide product with candle holes for tealights.

Step 2: Cutting Circle

In the next step, I cut out the entire circle with a jigsaw and drilled a hole to cut out the frame part which I wanted to use as an advent kranz. Lastly, I sawed the frame of the circle in four pieces and sanded them.

Step 3: Making Holes

Then I added the holes for the candles with a drilling machine and the correctly sized drilling piece.

Step 4: Varnish

My very last step was to varnish the product with clear varnish to make it sustainable. I also added the tealights. One extra step I took was to use the leftover circle and added candle holes there as a simple decoration where one can also put small figures on top.