Introduction: Wooden Decoration: Candle Blocks

Usable all year long. Simple design for all.

Step 1: Design and Prototype

First of all, I designed the sizes and shapes on a piece of paper to find the correct size and shape. I chose a 5x5 cm block.

In the next step, I designed a prototype to test out if the sizes would fit and to make sure the final products would turn out correctly.

Step 2: Holes and Sanding and Dowels

Next, I drilled candle holes in the top block of each of the four-block compositions. and then went on to sanding the block which was supposed to be glued together so that they would fit each other. To make sure that the blocks would not move while sanding I used dowels to fix them together.

Step 3: Gluing

The dowels later would also be used in the gluing process because it would make the glue stronger and the blocks hold together better.

Step 4: Varnish

My last step was to varnish the blocks with a grey Lasur which I chose and added the candle holders.