Introduction: Candy Dot Glue Earrings

I don’t really have much to say on the intro, except these earrings are really easy to customize! They are made with hot glue.


Hot glue and hot glue gun

Earring stud base

Sharpie for color

Sponge or cork (optional)

Step 1: Hot Glue

First plug in the glue gun. Then get your supplies so you don’t have to wait as long for it to heat up. Poke the sharp part into the sponge (recommended) or cork. When the gun is heated up, squirt one drop of glue on each earring stud.Wait until the hot glue drys COMPLETELY or it will fall right off. I made the mistake of gluing first and couldn’t poke the stud into the sponge to dry.

Step 2: Color

Now you will color the hot glue with a sharpie. I chose to do rainbow because, why not?

Step 3: Try Them On!

Try on your earrings! The second photo is the other ones I made. If you liked this tutorial, please share in the comments section and vote for me in the jewelry contest!
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