Introduction: Wonka Inspired Candy Hat


I am a 13 year old and one of my favourite books is Charlie and the chocolate factory. My favourite character from the book is Willy Wonka with his eccentric methods of candy making in his infamous chocolate factory. I wanted to make a Willy Wonka Inspired Candy Hat for my 3-year old brother who was obviously thrilled with the finished product!

Needless to say, I could hardly take pictures of the finished product as the decorations didn’t stay on the hat for long!

Step 1: Supplies Required:



Disposable Plate


Colored construction papers(Black and Red)

Glue gun



Step 2: Hat Base Construction:

Cut a hole in center of a disposable plate. Attach a rounded cardboard on top of the hole. Cut a cardboard circle for the top of the hat using tape or glue gun.

Step 3: Base Construction Paper:

Tape 2 pieces of black construction paper together equal to the height of the hat. Glue this to the walls of the cardboard,i.e., the side walls of the hat. Cut a black circle and attach on top on the hat.

Step 4: Attaching Construction Paper Strips:

Step 3:

Cut thin strips of black and red construction paper and paste it along the rim of the hat, to give a striped pattern.

Step 5: Stick Decorations:

Stick lollipops, candy and chocolates of your choice. Enjoy!

Step 6: Finished Result!

This makes a very good gift for a loved one who loves candies and chocolates. Stick candies of his/her choice and present this gift to them on any occasion to make their day special and unforgettable!

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