Introduction: Cardboard Gun That Shoots Rubber Bands

Hi guys

Today i will show you my latest project which is pistol cardboard gun. My gun can shoot 3 rubber bands in one load. Its mechanism is pretty simple. Everyone can make it. I found this when surfing Pinterest. Before going into detail i would like to pay tribute to for the temple.
I also make a tutorial video here

Cardboard 5mm thick
Super glue
Rubber Band x4
Template download here

Step 1: Cut the Parts From Template

You should glue the template to the cardboard. To have a clean cut, your knife must be very sharp. If you are children, ask your parents to help you. You also can use scissor. However, its cut is not beautiful as knife.

Step 2: Add Super Glue to Soft Part

Add glue to the edge of the temple. It will make your gun more durable and keep its form longer. If you dont have glue, i recommend you use tape instead

Step 3: Glue the Body

Step 4: Make the Trigger and Finish

It could be the most complicated step of this gun. Now, you must glue the two trigger template together, make sure adding supper glue as well. You can sand it to make it smoother. Lastly,use a rubber band to connect the trigger and gun. Then accomplishing the gun by sticking the final part to the gun
Wow, you gun is done. Loading and test it now

Step 5:

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