Introduction: Chalkboard Label for Mason Jar

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Mason jars are so versatile you can use them to keep food or buttons or pretty much anything! Personalize them with this label that not only does it look great but helps you keep everything in order.

Step 1: Materials

Mason jar

Contact paper

White paper (or any other paper)




Chalkboard paint (I made this one here)


Step 2: Mold

Draw in your paper with the pencil the shape you want your label to have. As this shape needs to be symmetrical I just drew one corner.

Fold it in half and cut the corner you drew, then fold it in half again and cut it to get the four quarters symmetrical.

Step 3: Contact Paper

Put your mold in the back of your contact paper and draw the shape with the marker. Cut the inside of it to have a frame like the one in the third picture. You can use your mold for many labels so keep it.

Step 4: Put the Frame in the Mason Jar

Stick your contact paper to the mason jar in the place where you want your label to be. Make sure you don't have bubbles in the border to avoid any leaks

Step 5: Paint

Use your brush to paint inside the contact paper frame. Do this from the outside to the center of the shape. I used 3 layers of the chalkboard paint but you have to let it dry between each layer.

Step 6: Take It Off

Now you can take the contact paper off the mason jar. Do this slowly and carefully so you don't take any of the shape off. If you need to repair any corner you can do it after you've taken the frame off.

It's now ready to be filled with whatever comes to your mind.


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