Introduction: Chalkboard Tray

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I recently went to some garage sales and found a big amount of "useless" things that can be transformed into very useful stuff like this old tray. You'll be amazed at how great it looks and all the uses you can find for it.

Step 1: Materials

Old tray


Primer in spray

Gold spray paint

Chalkboard paint (i used this one I made myself)

Masking tape (optional)

Step 2: Sand

As this is an old tray the surface is not even so you'll need to sand it so that the paint looks good afterwards.

Step 3: Primer

Spray the primer all over the tray. This will make the paint attach to the metal perfectly.

Let it dry for around 10 minutes.

Step 4: Gold Paint

Spray the gold paint in the frame of the tray. I used two layers but it may vary according to the quality of the paint.

Step 5: Chalkboard

Use the brush to paint in the inside of the tray with the chalkboard paint. If you find it too hard to make an even border right where it meets the golden paint you can put some masking tape to delimitate the area.

I used 4 layers of the chalkboard paint and let it dry between each layer.

Step 6: Ready!

Now it's ready to be used. You can either use it as a tray or as a chalkboard which works great because you can also use magnets on it. It's all up to your creativity!

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