Introduction: Cheap Wal-Mart Halloween Makeup - Zombie Edition!

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all products used were purchased at Wal-Mart during Halloween!

Step 1:

using a white eyeliner to sketch out your mouth idea.
Then use the greenish tan color from the "zombie makeup stack" all over your face, avoid the mouth.

Step 2:

using the green from the "zombie makeup stack" I used that to hallow out my cheeks, add depth to my temples, add bags under my eyes, and contour my nose.

Step 3: Teeth

Using white from the "vampire makeup stack" I added blobs of white where my teeth will go.

Step 4: Detail

Using red and black from the "vampire makeup stack" in detailing the teeth mixing the colors around.

Step 5: Anger

Using that green from the zombie stack I'm adding anger lines by my eyes.

Step 6: Lines!

using that black again in adding pull lines by the mouth, lines to define the bags under my eyes, and deepening the anger lines by my eyes.

Step 7: Blood

Then using zombie blood you also get at Wal-Mart I put some around my mouth.

Step 8: Stitch It Up!

I used a red from the injury stack to make a line, then purple to make it look irritated, then take black to make the stitch lines, then use the deep red to add dots at the end of the stitch marks, then zombie blood!

Step 9: Done

easy easy!
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