Introduction: Crazy Noisy Thing

This will show you how to make a CRAZY NOISY THING that you can use to annoy friends or just have fun with!!!
If you like fun and loud or someway to get people’s attention this is perfect for you.


You will need a clean plastic or paper cup, a balloon, a few rubber bands and scissors.

Step 1: Cuppp!!!

Get the cup and cut the bottom off, make sure there are no sharp edges. If you are having trouble cutting the bottom off then use a cardboard cuter to cut it.

Step 2: Ballooooon!!!

Get the balloon and cut off the neck. Then stretch the ballon and put it over the bottom of the cup and put a thick rubber band around it.

Step 3: Modify!!!

Do what ever you want to it. Just so you know the smaller the cup and bigger the ballon the stronger the sound will be and if you want get another thick rubber band and put it on top of cup.

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