Introduction: DIY Butterfly Pendant

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Ever since I've learned how to make swirls with wire it seems like I can't stop making more swirly jewelries. I've posted 2 swirly jewelry ibles- swirly wire rings and swirled-all-around wire ring and already made a list of 10 more swirly jewelries and I'll post them one-by-one.

Here's one of 10's- simple swirly wire butterfly pendant!, I hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this butterfly pendant you'll need:

1) Crafting wire - 18-20 gauge,
2) Crafting pliers - (looping, cutting and flat pliers),

Step 2: Drawing a Pattern

First you'll have to draw a simple pattern for the butterfly wing, you don't need to to draw both wigs, only one will work,

The template or pattern should include (mainly) the outer-lines of the wing, the areas of the loops (for creating the swirls) and the antenna of the butterfly,

Step 3: Making the First Wing

Hold an end of the wire but don't cut it from the bundle,
Create a loop at that end by using the looping plier,
Now make a swirly pattern by circling the wire around the loop 3-4 times, or as many times as you want,

After making the swirl place the swirled-wire on the butterfly template, appropriately,
Now carefully bend the wire along the edges of the template,
When you'll reach for the second part of the wing, create another loop and circle the wire around it to create a swirl,
Now bend the wire along the body part of the butterfly and cut the wire from the bundle by keeping enough wire for making the antenna,
Create another loop (you may also make a swirl if you want to) for the antenna,

There, one wing is ready.

Step 4: Making the Second Wing

Make the second wing as same as the first one,
Make a swirl, bend the wire along the edges of the same template, but when you'll reach the second part of the wing flip the wire horizontally,
Make the second loop by winding the wire to the opposite direction of the previous (first wing) second loop, and circle the wire around that loop to create a swirly pattern,
Place both wings side by side while bending the wire to make the body and antenna of the second wing.

There might be a slight difference between both wings but don't worry, that's the beauty of handmade jewelries! 

Step 5: Attaching Both Wings

Hold both wings side by side adjacent to each other,
Take a small piece of wire and attach the wings by wrapping the first swirls and antenna of both wings together,
Take another small piece of wire and wrap it around the second half of the body,

Attach a jump ring with the antenna to complete the pendant.

There, you have a cute butterfly pendant :)