Introduction: DIY Christmas Tree - for Cats

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After my cats destroyed every Christmas tree I've ever had, this year I decided to make a special "Christmas tree" - especially for cat playing & climbing.

Step 1: Materials

For this DIY kitty x-mas tree, I used:

- an old christmas tree from last year with removed pine needles

- cardboard boxes

- an old kitty scratching toy (in which I inserted the tree)

- tape, green cardboard and some random kitty toys for decor

Step 2: Procedure

Take a few empty cardboard boxes and cut holes on two parallel sides.

Place the boxes on top of each other.

(*this is optional, but I had an old cat scratching toy which I used to insert the tree into. If you have that, insert the tree into the toy.)

Then put the boxes around the tree, placing the tree through the holes.

Connect the boxes to each other using tape.

This "installation" is gonna be a bit unstable and having in mind that cats are gonna jump on it, put something heavy in the lowest box, I used two mini weights (2 kilos each). You can use a few bigger heavier rocks, just anything to make it stable.

That's the basic "construction" and after that, it's time to decor!

I used some old kitty toys (strings, balls, pine-cones..) and put them inside the boxes - for extra entertainment.

Since cats love to climb, scratch and spend time in boxes, this kitty Christmas tree is all they want for Christmas ;)

So, instead of waiting for your cats to destroy your Christmas tree, try making one just for them!

We wish you a meowy Christmas!

Step 3: Video Tutorial

A detailed step-by-step procedure can be seen in the video tutorial!

Hope you (and your cats!) enjoy

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