Introduction: DIY Color Pencil Jewelry

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Do you have loads of small stubby color pencils that are beyond use? or some cheap colors which look fancy ....but is hopeless in coloring ?
well here is some use for all of those color pencils...Jewelry ...and they look wonderful too!

Step 1: Materials

Loads of color pencils if you want to make loads...else just a few would do :-)
1/4" thick wood slats...hardwood
and bit to the size of your pencil

Step 2: Kids Necklace

My daughter wanted a necklace in the colors of  the rainbow so I thought to oblige her :-)
Gather Red, Orange,Yellow, green, blue and purple...
Cut to equal lengths about 2.5" and sharpen them equally
For this next step you may use beads or a pencil with gold outer covering...
I used a gold outer covering pencil and cut to equal lengths with a fret saw.
Now use a small drill bit and drill holes through the pencils and the gold pencil beads...please refer pictures
Done! Now all you have to do is string them up and let your daughter enjoy it!
hey...she would never lose her colors now...all she has to do is slip it off and color away ...hhaha

Step 3: Adult Pencil Pendant???

Take a 1/4" thick slat...drill holes according to the size of your pencil....
There are 2 drill bits that would fit your that is slightly larger or slightly smaller
For the slightly larger option...use 2 part epoxy so that it would fill the gap
I used the slightly smaller bit.
Draw the shape you want and drill holes inside the pattern.
I kind of drilled it and then twisted it around so that it would become larger...this was just perfect for me as I didn't have the patience to wait till the epoxy dried!
fit your pencil and check if it fit's might be tough at times...but that is have my permission to use a hammer :-)

Are you done drilling??
great! now cut your pencils into pieces dowels slightly longer than 1/4" also cut some very thin and keep aside

now use wood glue and fit your tiny pencil dowels and hammer away :-)...
I found that when some of the holes were a bit too it kind of cracked.....but that's will find other options for on and you'll find out :-)
Sand your slat... it is much easier this way.
now draw your required shapes and cut with a jigsaw or fret saw
One which I wanted to cut into a square kind of broke...but ended up in a nice shape...check the pictures out :-)
If there are cracks you can fill up with wood filler.
now gently sand around the shapes and all wont have to do the flat surface much as you have already done it.

Drill holes to pass cord through.
Now for some of the pendants which have cracks glue on the thin pencil actually gives a nice cool look.. :-)
so accidents can be a blessing :-D
Stain and varnish your pieces.
Now add your earring hardware and chain hardware to the cord.
what do you think???
isn't it a cool use for those useless bit's of pencils??

Step 4: Enjoy!

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